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Name: Rose Robin

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 26/03/1979

1990 - 1996 - British school of Paris
1996 - 2000 - Home education and apprenticeship in the Arts - sculpture and painting and interior design. Teachers : Alexandra Wintersteen Parsons school of art, Ray Brown Head of the art department at UCLA.
2000 - 2003 - Atelier des Beaux Arts in Paris
2003 - 2006 - The New York Studio School.

2001 - Yonne Republican gallery France
2002 - "VIBE" Vincenne France
2003 - Monique Goldstrom Gallery NYC USA
2003 - International Paper Exhibition
2003 - CVB Space NYC USA
2003 - Art for healing gallery NYC USA
2004 - Chrysler building NYC USA
2006 - Bastille art market Paris France
2006 - Art installation Chateau Percey France
2007 - Art installation L'Orangerie d'Yrouerre France
2007 - Mural Museum of Avallon France
2007 - Acanthe Villages d'Artists France
2010 - Mural HI Hostels in Marseille, Nice and Chamonix France
2010 - Acquire Arts Battersea Park Road, London England

2010 - Mural in La Paz Mexico

2011 - Tonantzin art Gallery, La Paz, Baja California,Mexico

2015 - Mural at Jaffna Railway Station Sri Lanka

2015 - Mural at the Marine Environment Project Authority Colombo Sri Lanka

2015 - Mural at Galle Prison Sri Lanka

Private Collections
South west State University.
The William Whipple Art Gallery.
The Queensborough Community Collage Art Gallery.
The Monique Goldstrom Gallery
CVB Space
Art for healing Gallery
Chateau de Percey
Museum of Avallon

2009 Documentary Film called the "The Fairytale Experiment" Which won two awards:
- An Indie Award of Merit: Feature Documentary
- An Accolade: Award of Merit: Feature Documentary
The documentary is up on IMDB and is being distributed by Indie Flix.

Other Experience.
2006 - Creation of artist association in France - The Quintessence Project.Org (QPO)
2006 - 2008 - Chateau de Percey France - Assistant in the gallery, art teacher to local school in the Chateau Grounds.
2007 - QPO organizes three international art shows in France inviting artists for 3 continents to show their work. Organization, publicity, exhibiting artist.
2007 - Art lessons given to children 5-18 - sculpture, theater and music, drawing, painting. - working with l'association ACANTHE Villages d'Artistes, La Ferté Loupière - Organization, teacher, publicity.
2007-08 Performance Painting for Audi France. When Audi presented new sports cars, would have artists exhibiting their art work. The performance was to paint for the public paints inspired by the Audi logo.
2008 - Museum of Avallon - Working as art teacher to classes of all ages. Three classes every wednesday: Still life, Drawing from the masters in the museum, and nude - I was also asked to painting a mural in the stairwell which was three floors of the building with my students.
2008 - Art classes for three schools in St Florentin: I gave lessons to 5 - 7 years old
7-10 years old and 10-13 years old over a period of 3 months. I was given a budget for each class and asked to organize an art project. For a reference contact: "Les Charbonniers" - rue Jules Lancôme 89600 St FLORENTIN Tél : Directrice : Chantal VERNAT
2008 - Art classes with APF - Association of the Paralyzed of France.
To view a video, please follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS1qYGAMcwc
2010 - Writing and illustrating a 7 book series of children's books called 'Emma and Pumpkin'.

2011 - Working with the Mararte Art Festival - I gave art lessons to a group of young children - I painted murals for the festival.

2012 - I started the Painting Pirates Club none Profit - Painting Pirate

2012 - I filmed the Mexico Encantador documentray series, traveling and working in communities around Mexico for 8 months.

2013 - I filmed the Loving Belize documentary series, traveling and working in communities around Belize for 8 months.

2014 - I filmed the Wet WIld N Wacky British Colombia documentary series interviewing Canadians about contemporary BC.

2015 - I filmed the Serendipity in Sri Lanka documentary series about the volunteer work I was doing in Sri Lanka

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